Coolsat is one of the companies today that is utilizing the state of the art FTA technology. FTA technology or what is otherwise known as “free to air” technology basically downloads the data directly from the satellite and on to your television set. You will be able to enjoy all your television shows through this technology. If you have been subscribed to a cable company for several years already then you might consider cutting off that line. With the FTA technology, you will be able to enjoy more than thousands of channels. If you think that’s all then you are wrong. There is a kicker that will blow your mind away. All these two thousand plus and counting channels are going to be all yours for free! This technology is so great that you will praise it for one whole decade. One of the nice things about Coolsat is that it is currently providing a five year warranty to all their products! Imagine that! Five years warranty! That kind of warranty is more warranty than a car already. You can expect your Ford to break down and go to the junk shop before your Coolsat product goes to the rubbish bin. You can get your hands on the Coolsat 5000 or the Coolsat 6000 anytime you want. All you have to do is look for a dealer and you can purchase it already. You should have a budget of around two hundred to three hundred dollars if you are getting the core package while if you are getting the bundled packages then you should have a budget ranging from three hundred to five hundred dollars. It is up to you what package to buy. As long as you get a Coolsat product, you are in good hands. With the five years warranty, you are going to benefit a lot from it.

You will be able to enjoy a lot of things with Coolsat products. There are a lot of nice features with the Coolsat products aside from the five year warranty. It is hard to ignore a warranty of half a decade but you should still look at the other nice features of the Coolsat products. Coolsat products usually come with a universal remote control. You may say who cares? All components have a universal remote control today. You are wrong in this regard because the Coolsat components have so many functions to perform. You will really need a universal remote control. When you are switching from channel one hundred fifty seven to channel one thousand three hundred eighty three, a normal remote control will not do you any good. You will also enjoy increased video quality with the S-video output. You can play all sorts of Coolsat files through the Coolsat hardware because it supports the latest MPEG 2 and DVB formats already. You will not worry about playability when the satellite sends you data through FTA. You should start looking for your Coolsat products already. Do not waste any time and log on to *NEW* Satellite TV on PC!. Try to look for a Coolsat product that will interest you.