If you are one of the people out there that love television then you should definitely get your hands on a Fortec Lifetime Ultra. This Fortec product utilizes the latest in FTA technology. FTA technology or free to air technology takes advantage of the data that streams from satellites all around the world. You will be able to enjoy watching all the different channels from several different countries when you have this Fortec product with you.

What is your favourite television show? You definitely have a lot in your head. If you are a person that has never watched television in your life then you should go get a life! Watching television is a very relaxing and pleasurable experience. If you want to maximize your television viewing pleasure then you should definitely get a Fortec product. Do you like watching Arrested Development? Do you find it amusing when their family does really weird things? Do you like watching My Name is Earl? Do you find it hilarious when Earl tries to make amends for his actions before? Do you like watching CSI? Do you like solving crime puzzles? Do you like watching 24? Do you like it when you find out who the mole is at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit? If you are a fan of a television show then the Fortec product is perfect for you. You should definitely get one right away. You will be able to enjoy all your television shows through the Fortec product. If you are wondering who Fortec competes with then it is Viewsat, another FTA company. So many people are trying to get into the FTA business because it is very lucrative. Who needs cable television when there is satellite television already?

If you want to find out the specifications of the Fortec Lifetime Ultra then here is a brief outline. This product has Dolby Digital Audio Out and S-Video. This means that your sound quality and your video quality are higher than the standard yellow white red cables. This product is already fully compliant with the MPEG II and the DVB standards so you do not have to worry about any file incompatibility with this product. You will also have the two hundred and fifty six GUI interface just like Viewsat and Pansat. You can enjoy fast channel changing because the Fortec Lifetime Ultra is a fast and reliable FTA machine.

How long have you waited for this day to come? How long have you waited for your television to have more than one thousand channels? How long have you waited to stop paying your pesky cable company? When will the show The Cable Guy become a classic and put in the genre of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? If you have been waiting for these things to happen then the time has come. You are now capable of purchasing the Fortec Lifetime Ultra from *NEW* Satellite TV on PC!. Do not waste any of your time because you might miss out on a huge discount.