One of the top brands in the television satellite business is Pansat. Pansat has been a leader in the FTA business for quite some time already. This FTA or what is otherwise known as free to air technology, capitalizes on direct data download from the satellite to a receiver. With a digital Pansat receiver satellite, you will be able to receive data from a satellite directly. This technology allows several developments in television broadcasting. First, with this kind of technology, you will be able to get thousands of channels on your television set. You will be able to watch the television that Koreans are watching. You will be able to watch the television that the Italians are watching. You will be able to watch any free to air channel in the world. Through your FTA satellite receiver, you will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Second, with this kind of technology, broadcasting communications is brought to a new level. If you are an Italian cook that is making pasta on television then your audience will not only be the Italians, your audience will be the world. If you are a Brazilian who is teaching children how to play soccer then you are not only teaching Brazilian kids, there is a very big likelihood that a kid in France is listening to your lecture on soccer. The effect of the FTA technology is multiplied a thousand fold.

If you want to experience the greatness of the FTA technology then you should stick to the Pansat products. There are a lot of Pansat products out there that can help you attain your television bliss. One of the products is the Pansat 2700. This product has features such as the smart search. It has skew control. It can even program up to five thousand channels. Another product from Pansat is the Pansat 3500. This Pansat product has a lot more memory than the other products. It also has smart search and five thousand programmable channels. This model from Pansat also comes with a universal remote. If you want to check out more Pansat products then you should go to a lot of FTA websites. You will be able to see a lot more Pansat products and you will be able to choose which one is the best for you and your family. You can finally enjoy your family time by watching 7th Heaven. If your family is not so goody two shoes then you can watch an alternative family show, The Sopranos. If you are not going to watch with your family then you can watch whatever you want. There are almost five thousand programmable channels anyway. You will definitely come across a channel that you like. You should start your search at *NEW* Satellite TV on PC!. If you do not find anything that catches your eye then you can move on to the other sites. Just keep trying until you hit the jackpot. You might get a twenty percent discount or find a website that is giving extra freebies per purchase.