Sonicview has a lot to boast of against its competitors Pansat and Viewsat. There are so many features on the new Sonicview SV1000. You will be able to enjoy the latest video streaming formats from the satellites. You will be able to enjoy formats in MPEG II and DVB formats. This Sonicview product will also come with a NEC MPEG chipset. You will also enjoy multi picture screens on this device. You can have a sixteen multi picture screen showing thumbnails. The GUI or the graphical user interface is also incredible. Tshis machine boasts of a two hundred and fifty six colour display. The GUI also boasts of multi language support. If you are native to another country then you can enjoy your native tongue right on the GUI. Channel changing time on this device is very fast. You will experience channel changing of less than one second. If you are still not impressed then you have to listen to this. If Pansat, Viewsat, and Coolsat boast of a five thousand programmable memory then the Sonicview boasts o six thousand programmable memory. That is another one thousand channels! Aside from these features, you will also be able to enjoy the closed caption feature on the Sonicview. You can enjoy television on various aspect ratios. You can enjoy it in widescreen or full screen. If you have children in the house then you can take advantage of the parental lock feature. You do not have to worry about your children wandering off into strange channels that show violence and nudity.

When you have the Sonicview SV1000 with you, you will be able to enjoy your television to the maximum level. You will be able to watch all your favourite television programs. You will be able to watch Winnie the Pooh when you feel like it. You will be able to watch Kyle and his friends at South Park when you feel like it. If you feel like watching some stand up comedy at Comedy Central then you can do that too. If you are in a dramatic mood then you can watch a soap opera from Japan or Korea. If you want some action then you should watch 24. Jack Bauer will show you how to take down terrorists. He will show you the unorthodox ways of dealing with people who intend to break down the fibre of society. If you want some adventure on your television then you can enjoy watching Lost. You will enjoy watching Jack deal with the other islanders. If you want some gossip television show then you can watch E News daily. If you are in a serious mood then you can watch CNN or the Bloomberg channel. Keep yourself updated with politics and the stock market. You will be able to enjoy your television to the maximum level when you have Sonicview. Get your Sonicview SV1000 today and enjoy your television experience. Log on to *NEW* Satellite TV on PC! and find out if you can get a great price on the Sonicview SV1000.